About Haevynly

Hi there! Welcome to Haevynly Jewelry, I am so glad you are here!

My name is Allison, owner of Haevynly!

How did we get here? I ask myself this everyday but if I think back hard enough it all started back in 2013 when I began working in an office at a machine shop. Once I moved from the office to the shop floor, I was asked to do so many different tasks and I always said yes! One of the things I said 'yes' to was welding. Fast forward to December 2017 I graduated with my Associates degree in Welding & Engineering Technologies. However, the welding ended soon after for me in 2019 when I had my daughter, Haevyn. (Can you guess where the company name came from?) 

2022 came around and I saw the upcoming trend of permanent jewelry and that's when Haevynly Permanent Jewelry was born. I got to meld my love for dainty jewelry and my welding background together! I soon realized I loved creating unique, yet simple pieces of jewelry for my community. So much so that now, through Haevynly Jewelry, we can do this for people everywhere! Here you will find custom designed jewelry made just for you!

We hope that you enjoy your experience with us and that your jewelry brings the perfect amount of sparkle to light up your day!

I am so beyond grateful you found us. As a wife and stay at home mom of two, your support means SO much to us. <3